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Photo of Elaine Storkey speaking

Posted: 03 March 2020

Update (24 March 2020): Sadly, due to the coronavirus epidemic, several of our lecture dates have been cancelled. If it’s possible to rearrange these lectures for later in the year, we’ll post an update on this blog.

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re marking the 150th anniversary of the Christian Evidence Society with a lecture series, delivered at cathedrals around Britain.

The lectures, by nationally renowned speakers in apologetics, will respond to some of the best-known public challenges to faith in modern times. Our speakers will engage with quotes that have gained widespread attention, including a TV soundbite by Stephen Fry, a book title from Christopher Hitchens, and a newspaper interview with Stephen Hawking.

We are waiting to hear whether the planned lectures in the series will be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see below for the latest news:

Missing God – this lecture has been cancelled and may happen in the autumn
Revd Canon Mark Oakley
Ely Cathedral, Thur 19 Mar, 18:30
Mark Oakley, Dean of Chapel at St John’s College, Cambridge, will be speaking on: ‘I don’t believe in God, but I miss Him’ (Julian Barnes, 2008).

God and a world of suffering, injustice and pain –
how might that work?
– this lecture has been cancelled
Revd Canon Dr Mike Kirby
Liverpool Cathedral, Wed 27 May, 19:30
Mike Kirby, Canon Scientist at Liverpool Cathedral, will be speaking on: ‘Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world which is so full of injustice and pain?’ (Stephen Fry, 2015).

Is heaven a fairy story for people afraid of the dark?
Dr Elaine Storkey

Truro Cathedral, Thur 2 July, time to be confirmed
Elaine Storkey, lecturer and author (pictured above) will be speaking on: ‘There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark’ (Stephen Hawking, 2011).

Is religion opposed to science?
Peter S Williams

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Wed 12 Aug, 18:30
Peter S Williams, Christian philosopher and apologist, will be speaking on: ‘I think that science is based on evidence and that religion is based on faith… it is opposed to the scientific mindset’ (Natalie Angier,2006).

Does ‘religion poison everything’?
Dr Claire Foster-Gilbert

St Albans Cathedral, Tue 6 Oct, 19:30
Claire Foster-Gilbert, Director of the Westminster Abbey Institute, will be speaking on: ‘Religion poisons everything’ (Christopher Hitchens, 2007).

Two further lectures in Winchester and Durham Cathedrals are planned for the autumn. We’ll update this page as the final dates are confirmed.

Photo of Dr Elaine Storkey: Ian Britton under CC BY-NC 2.0

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