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Photo of Claire Foster-Gilbert

Posted: 14 January 2020

We’ve recently started working with the Montgomery Trust, which helps fund lectures and talks on the Christian faith by expert speakers. The talks are delivered throughout the UK, making them accessible to a wide audience. Here’s the line-up of talks in the spring and summer, taking place in Chester, Liverpool, North Yorkshire and Nottingham.


Women, Culture and Gender Issues
Chester Cathedral, 2 March 2020, 10am
Elaine Storkey looks at the sociological, psychological and theological issues surrounding women, culture and gender, including a theological examination of gender stereotypes. The lecture will show how the Christian faith sheds light on areas which are crucial to our gendered lives.


Rediscovering the Bible as the People’s Book
St Brides, Percy St, Liverpool L8 2UF, 20 April 2020, 6pm
John Bell looks at how the Reformation coincided with the development of the printing press, saying that printing can be accused of changing the Bible from being a work for the popular imagination, and turning it into a treatise for the intellectual elite. He ponders how hearts, intuition and imagination did, and still can, unlock scripture for all people.


The Ethics of Medical Research on Humans and Animals
Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool L1 7AZ, 20 May 2020, 7.30pm
Claire Foster-Gilbert (pictured above) observes that all medicine and healthcare depend on a reliable evidence base, but this means using living research subjects. She asks, how do we determine whether research on humans or animals is ethically acceptable?

Images of God
Exploring Faith, The Rokeby Inn, Near Richmond, N Yorks, DL11 7QW
23 May 2020, 10am
Vernon White asks: What do we mean by ‘God’? What kind of reality is God? Is ‘God’ a spirit, a person, a causal force, a moral idea, or just a symbol? The lecture discusses the credibility (or otherwise) of traditional images for God in scripture, classical theology, mysticism and post-modern philosophy, and re-imagines them in a way that is both faithful to Christian tradition and credible.


Ageing and Spirituality
Congregational Federation, 8 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AS
17 June 2020, 12 noon
James Woodward explores the nature of ageing in 21st century Europe. He examines theories relating to the nature of age, considers the specific spiritual needs of older people, and describes the distinctive contribution of Christian tradition to our understanding of age in others and in ourselves.

Photo of Claire Foster-Gilbert: Westminster Abbey Institute/YouTube

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