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Posted: 21 January 2014

A series of parody videos in which science and religion figures are interviewed by Jeremy Praxman are available on YouTube.

The videos, which were produced in association with Christian Evidence, feature Professor Richard Ditchkins, author of The God Revulsion, Geoff Meadwell, high priest of pagan worshippers (and chartered accountant), and Professor Zeitgeistscheizer, author of The God Hallucination.

In the video above, Praxman and Professor Zeitgeistscheizer talk about finding freedom from the constraints of religion, and how breaking free from the idea that there are such things as good and evil would be… er… a good thing.

‘We won’t find our personal and ineffable freedom till we shake off the shackles, the manacles and are healed from the damage inflicted upon us by institutional religion’ – Professor Zeitgeistscheizer

See the other interviews here…

Professor Richard Ditchkins, author of The God Revulsion
Geoff Meadwell, high priest of pagan worshippers

Written & performed by Justin Butcher & Andrew Harrison
Produced by Phil Maltz & Justin Brierley for
In association with the Christian Evidence Society

Music: Richard Morgan

Copyright 2011 Justin Butcher and Andrew Harrison

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