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Since 1870, the Christian Evidence Society has used contemporary methods of communication to explain some of the fundamental principles of the Christian faith.

We recently discovered that some of our earliest apologetics books have been brought back into print and are for sale on Amazon – read the story here.

In its early days, open air preaching in such places as Tower Hill or Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London, was the Society’s favoured way of working. It published pamphlets which were widely read, particularly by the increasingly literate working population, and organised public lectures that were always well attended. Although predominantly Anglican, the Society has been committed to involving Christians from the other major denominations since its inception.

As social habits changed and the modern media replaced the popularity of open air preaching and public lectures, the Society re-evaluated its role. By the 1980s, its trustees were looking at new ways of fulfilling its objectives – to proclaim, defend and explain (study) the Christian faith – in ways that were relevant for the latter part of the 20th century.

Here is a detailed history of the society and here is the list of current trustees and others involved in the society.

Funds from the Christian Evidence Society have supported a number of Christian initiatives related to the proclamation and explanation of the gospel through various media. Grants have been considered for projects where the Society itself could have some involvement, or where it was recognised that the practitioners’ objectives were similar to those of the Society. The Christian Evidence Society does not award grants to individuals but instead channels funds through organisations, groups or other registered charities whose objectives are similar to its own.

These have included…

Publication of a broad range of leaflets and pamphlets about Christian beliefs

Supporting the production of Unbelievable? The Conference in 2012 and 2013

The Drawbridge Lectures

Programmes on Premier Radio

CD: Is History Bunk? – for discussion with 6th formers

Support for educational Christian theatre, including Roly the Clown

Development of the CES website as a source of reference, including downloadable literature

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