Genesis, concrete churches, and is God a he?

God has been in the news maybe a bit more frequently than normal over the past few weeks, so we’ve picked out five stories that are worth reading. Marilynne Robinson reads Genesis – several writers have been impressed by a new book by the novelist Marilynne Robinson, best known for her novel Gilead. The book, Reading […]

Israel, the Palestinians, and Gaza

October 7th became a new and terrible anniversary in the calendar of terrorism last year when Hamas, the Palestinian political and military group, launched armed attacks into Israel from Gaza, resulting in 1,139 deaths, most of them civilian. Israel responded with an aerial bombardment of the highly populated Gaza Strip, and a ground invasion on […]

Are we starting to believe in God again?

Is our culture starting to believe in God again? The broadcaster Justin Brierley, who hosted high-profile debates between Christians, atheists and agnostics for nearly two decades, believes so. His weekly radio show, Unbelievable? regularly pitted atheist scientists and philosophers such as Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling against Christian apologists. In his recent book, The Surprising […]