New Questions of our Times series due in November

We’re really pleased to announce a new series of Questions of our Times webinars on Tuesday evenings at 8pm in November. We’ll be exploring some of the big questions of today with experts and leaders in the fields of physics and astrophysics, social robotics, religion and science, and spirituality. The five evenings will open up […]

2,600 year-old stone marker from biblical-era pharaoh discovered

A farmer digging his land near Ismailia, a city next to the Suez Canal in northeastern Egypt, has recently unearthed a stele (a monumental stone) from the reign of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. The stele, which would stand 2.3 metres tall when raised, and which is 2,600 years old, is thought to record the military […]

Arrowhead unearthed in ancient Gath points to Old Testament story

The story of David and Goliath is so familiar in the English-speaking world that it’s regularly used in media headlines and everyday speech whenever someone triumphs despite the odds being stacked against them. In the original story in the Old Testament, David, a young shepherd boy armed only with a stone in a sling, defeats […]