Are we starting to believe in God again?

Is our culture starting to believe in God again? The broadcaster Justin Brierley, who hosted high-profile debates between Christians, atheists and agnostics for nearly two decades, believes so. His weekly radio show, Unbelievable? regularly pitted atheist scientists and philosophers such as Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling against Christian apologists. In his recent book, The Surprising […]

Meaning, identity and security in an uncertain world

A new series of videos and articles makes ideal viewing and reading for anyone thinking through the biggest questions about science, faith, and the meaning of life. The series is authored by Alister McGrath, a former atheist who is now a theologian, Anglican priest, scientist, and author. McGrath tells his own story in the first […]

Philosopher argues for ‘a universe from someone’

The philosopher Peter S Williams, whose new book, A Universe from Someone, argues that the universe has a personal creator, has been pondering questions about God’s existence for a very long time. ‘As a three-year-old, I surprised my mother by stopping in the middle of a road crossing to ask her: “If God made everything, […]