Downloadable booklets exploring the evidence for faith


What Did Jesus Wear?

What did Jesus look like when he was a carpenter in 1st century Galilee? Joan Taylor, Professor of Christian Origins at King’s College, London, explores the historical evidence for the clothes Jesus wore.

Seven atheisms

Andrew Walker provides a critical introduction to John Gray’s book, Seven Types of Atheism, and shows how theists and atheists have more to say to each other than you (or even they) might think.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

What is the evidence for Jesus? Can we trust the accounts of his life in the New Testament? Justin Brierley, presenter of the radio show Unbelievable? looks at the arguments surrounding the life of Jesus.

Five Arguments for God

Are there good arguments for God’s existence, or have the New Atheists shown that they do not work? William Lane Craig examines five philosophical arguments for God’s existence and asks whether Richard Dawkins has dealt them a fatal blow.

Digging for Evidence

What archaeological finds have unexpectedly shed fresh light on the New Testament? Peter S Williams shows how many of the details mentioned in the Bible have been verified by work done on the ground by archaeologists.

Making the Case for Faith

Launched in 1870 in a time of growing scepticism about God and the Bible, the Christian Evidence Society has argued the case for faith for over 150 years. This booklet tells the story.


Evidence for the Virgin Birth

Two of the four Gospels tell us that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary and that he had no human father. What is the evidence for this, and what meaning does it have for Christians today?

Evidence for the Power of Prayer

Prayer is an activity as old as humanity and as widespread as the cultures of the world. But what is the Christian understanding of prayer? And can it change the world?

Evidence for the Holy Spirit

What makes possible creativity, ethics and the whole world of the imagination? This booklet explores the work of the Holy Spirit, as understood in the pages of the Christian Bible.

Evidence for Christ

The New Testament has come under critical scrutiny for more than 100 years. How does the evidence for the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Christ look today?

Evidence for the Resurrection

Does the story that Jesus was crucified and dead on Friday but then raised to life on Sunday morning – make sense today? John Austin Baker looks at the different witnesses to the resurrection.

Evidence for the Love of God

Droughts, famines, car crashes, murders, cancer, mental illness, senility… all the evidence seems to point against the possibility that a God of love created the universe. So what is the evidence for God?

Evidence for Life After Death

This booklet doesn’t try to prove there is life after death, because that is impossible. But it does attempt to show there is nothing incredible about the idea that human beings can live on in another, better existence.

Evidence for God

Why believe there is a God at all? Richard Swinburne argues that the case for the existence of God is cumulative and explains the pattern of science and history, as well as our religious experiences.

Questions of Faith

Why God?

By Simon Barrington-Ward. Why God? How do I begin to answer that question, and from what starting point? I believe the best way to do it is through the story of a pilgrimage. My pilgrim is a boy called Christopher, whose story overlaps at a number of points with my own.

Why Pray?

This refreshingly realistic book explores what prayer is and how it works. Rooted in everyday human experience, it is particularly valuable for those who have never understood – why pray? Author: Stephen Oliver.

Why belief?

Can belief be valid in a world in which factual knowledge seems to be of greatest importance? For all who struggle with belief in God, this illuminating book by Richard Holloway offers hope and comfort.

Finding God

Finding God in Later Life

For many, later life proves a challenging time of change and forced adaptations. This practical little book by William Purcell offers ways of finding purpose and hope for those confronted with the new experience that later life brings.

Finding God in Bereavement

This heartfelt book will be a comfort to all who have experienced the loss of someone dear, providing hope during the painful and difficult days. Written by Virginia Ironside.

Finding God in Illness

Illness, whether our own or that of those close to us, is often a desolating experience. This sympathetic little book offers comfort and hope particularly to those struggling with the serious questions and the emotional pain illness can generate. Written by James Woodward.