Philosopher argues for ‘a universe from someone’

The philosopher Peter S Williams, whose new book, A Universe from Someone, argues that the universe has a personal creator, has been pondering questions about God’s existence for a very long time. ‘As a three-year-old, I surprised my mother by stopping in the middle of a road crossing to ask her: “If God made everything, […]

John Bell webinar looks at war, poverty and the climate crisis

In the latest of our Questions of Our Times webinars, John Bell, the acclaimed hymnwriter and activist, considers the question: The world is broken – what would Jesus do? The webinar is the tenth in the series and follows on from our previous webinars in early 2022 and in 2021 – find all 10 videos […]

God, robots and the future

Is Artificial Intelligence a friend or foe of human flourishing? Does faith have any part to play in the robotics revolution, and the race to upgrade our bodies and even escape our planet? What does the future hold for humans? The former Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees, author of On The Future, recently met on […]