Are we starting to believe in God again?

Is our culture starting to believe in God again? The broadcaster Justin Brierley, who hosted high-profile debates between Christians, atheists and agnostics for nearly two decades, believes so. His weekly radio show, Unbelievable? regularly pitted atheist scientists and philosophers such as Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling against Christian apologists. In his recent book, The Surprising […]

Questions of our Times season 3 – see the videos

Our latest season of Questions of our Times, where we explore some of today’s big questions in a series of video interviews, is available to view. In this season, livestreamed in November 2023, we talked with four leaders in politics, war and peace, diversity and inclusion, and personal grief and recovery. Richard Dannatt: War, what […]

Telling our story across 150 years

A new booklet, telling the story of the Christian Evidence Society, which was founded over 150 years ago, is launched today on this website. Making the Case for Faith explores the whole history of the Society to date, starting in March 1870, when the growth of scientific knowledge was leading to widespread scepticism about religious […]