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Posted: 15 March 2018

We’re glad to hear that the UK’s leading apologetics gathering, Unbelievable? The Conference 2018, is returning to London on Saturday 19 May 2018.

The conference is hosted by Justin Brierley, whose popular Unbelievable? radio show and podcast brings believers and sceptics together to debate the big issues. He will be joined by 10 internationally renowned thinkers, scientists and Christian leaders, including Rob Parsons, Hugh Ross, Sharon Dirckx and Glen Scrivener.

The conference seminars, talks and Q&A sessions promise to help attendees respond to the questions that we and others frequently ask of the Christian faith.

Early bird booking rates end this Friday 16 March, so do check out this year’s theme and the full speaker lineup. For tickets and more info, visit Unbelievable? The Conference 2018.

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