Speaking up for Jesus

Christianity has always provoked controversy. Today it is perceived in some quarters as blind faith. Speaking up for Jesus attempts to raise the voice of reason in the face of such objections.

In this audio resource, produced by Premier Christian Radio in association with the Christian Evidence Society, six prominent Christian thinkers engage with moral, historical, intellectual and psychological objections to Christian believing. Produced by Cindy Kent (Premier Christian Radio) and John Twisleton (Chichester Diocese).

Four of the programmes are available below.

1. Is Christianity blind to reason?
With David Winter, writer and broadcaster. You can only trust the evidence you see… science is more reliable than Christian faith! Blind faith is really scary, because people can believe what they like as long as they don’t expect thinking people to take them seriously. I’d believe in God if I could see him!

2. Is Christianity immoral?
With Amy Orr-Ewing of the Zacharias Trust. Christianity is said to be about love. But can that be true, when you look at the church’s misuse of power throughout the ages? Think about the Crusades! Some Christians are really smug, you know: ‘I’m alright, Jack!’ And they treat non-Christians like second-class citizens. It’s so arrogant! Christianity is all about ‘Thou shalt not…’ Some Christians can be real kill-joys.

3. Is Christianity made up?
With Nicholas King, a Jesuit biblical scholar. Jesus coming back to life – where’s the evidence? Christianity is just made up! Jesus lived ages ago so how could he matter today? Christianity’s out of touch and out of date; it’s opposed progress throughout history. Christians keep turning the clock back, not forward!

4. Is Christianity full of contradictions?
With Steve Chalke of the Oasis Trust. Christians say God is good. So what about all the suffering he allows? If Jesus died to take away sin, why is there so much evil in the world? With so many different faiths and philosophies around, how can you believe Christianity is the only true one? If Jesus is ‘the way, the truth and the life’, does that mean other religions have got it wrong?