Tapestry of faith

This 13-part radio series, first broadcast on Premier Radio, traces the history of Christianity in Britain, from its origins to the 21st century. The series was written, produced and presented by Ged Clapson, with support from the Christian Evidence Society. Programmes 1 to 13 are now available here. Each is about 26 minutes in length. Click on the links below to listen to each programme in MP3 format.

1. Myths and missions
The origins of Christianity in Britain

2. Foundation stones
Celtic Christianity and early monasticism

3. In stone and on parchment
Christianity continues to flourish in Saxon Britain

4. Kings, saints and martyrs
From the arrival of the Normans to the eve of the Reformation

5. The winds of change
Attitudes towards the church change, and Luther challenges the authority of Rome

6. The grand divorce
King Henry VIII initiates the split of the church in England from Rome

7. Dungeon, fire and sword
Decades of bloodshed and persecution follow the reign of Henry VIII

8. To be a pilgrim
From the Gunpowder Plot to the Civil War, and from the Pilgrim Fathers to the Puritans

9. The message to the masses
The life and mission of John Wesley

10. The British revolutions
Christian life in Victorian Britain: the challenges of industrialisation and the empire

11. The gospel in action
British Christians respond to the social needs of the late 19th century

12. The Spirit moves
The role of the churches in wartime Britain and the birth of religious broadcasting

13. Signs of the times
The ecumenical movement and the growth of the Pentecostal churches in the second half of the 20th century

Photo: Simon Jenkins