Booklets explore evidence for faith

A series of booklets exploring the evidence for different aspects of the Christian faith is being made freely available on this website today. The booklets, each written by an established expert or author, were first published in the 1980s, but four of them are now online for the first time, in updated editions. Four more will be available here soon.

The first four booklets cover Evidence for God, Evidence for Life After Death, Evidence for the Love of God and Evidence for the Resurrection. Click the links to view or download each PDF booklet. The final four booklets will look at Evidence for Christ, Evidence for the Power of Prayer, Evidence for the Holy Spirit and Evidence for the Virgin Birth.

In Evidence for God, Richard Swinburne, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, argues that the existence of God explains the whole pattern of science and history, as well as our most intimate religious experiences.

In Evidence for Life After Death, David Winter, former Head of Religious Programmes, BBC Radio, says there is nothing incredible or even unlikely about the idea that human beings can survive death and live on in another, better existence.

In Evidence for the Love of God, Richard Harries, former Bishop of Oxford, starts with droughts, famines, car crashes, murders, cancer, mental illness, senility and says that on the surface, all the evidence seems to point against the possibility that a God of love created the universe. He then goes on to look at the evidence for and against God.

In Evidence for the Resurrection, John Austin Baker, former Bishop of Salisbury, asks: does the Easter story – that Jesus was crucified and dead on Friday but then raised to life on Sunday morning – make sense today?

Photo: Halans