New booklet explores the arguments for God

Are there good arguments for God’s existence? Have the so-called New Atheists shown that the arguments for God are no good? A new booklet we’re publishing online today (and available for free) explores five reasons to believe in God, following readable, step by step arguments. The booklet is by William Lane Craig, the philosopher, theologian and apologist. He’s well known for his debates on God’s existence with Christopher Hitchens and Lawrence Krauss, and is the author of Reasonable Faith, which makes the positive case for Christianity.

Download the Five Arguments for God booklet for free here.

William Lane Craig says: ‘It’s perhaps something of a surprise that almost none of the so-called New Atheists has anything to say about arguments for God’s existence. Instead, they tend to focus on the social effects of religion and question whether religious belief is good for society. About the only New Atheist to interact with arguments for God’s existence is Richard Dawkins. In his book The God Delusion, Dawkins examines and offers refutations of many of the most important arguments for God. But are his refutations cogent? Has Dawkins dealt a fatal blow to the arguments?’

Each argument in the booklet is examined for whether it makes sense, and then Richard Dawkins’ objections to it are considered. William Lane Craig summarises the two aims of the booklet: ‘Are there good arguments for God’s existence? Has Dawkins in particular shown that the arguments for God are no good?’

Peter S Williams, author of A Faithful Guide to Philosophy and CS Lewis vs the New Atheists, says: ‘In Five Arguments for God, one of the most influential philosophers of our time defends five arguments for God against his most influential critics. This is an essential introduction to today’s God debate.’

William Lane Craig’s five arguments are also available in animated videos on the Reasonable Faith YouTube channel. To view them all, go to the Reasonable Faith animated videos page. Or else watch the ontological argument video above.

Download the Five Arguments for God booklet for free here.