Light grilling for host of Questions of our Times

The second series of Questions of our Times, our five webinar evenings which begin on 2 November, is hosted by Major Nigel Bovey, a Salvation Army officer, journalist, and musician. He will be asking our guests his own questions, plus the questions of the audience, so we thought we’d turn the tables and ask him […]

History for Atheists podcast launched

Earlier this year, a new podcast was launched by the History for Atheists website, authored by Tim O’Neill, an atheist, sceptic and rationalist. The podcast, also called History for Atheists, supplements O’Neill’s video channel and blog, both of which do an excellent job of examining the misuse of history in frequently-used atheists arguments. O’Neill’s blog […]

The lion, the witch, and the podcast

A new podcast was launched earlier this year to explore the life, books and thought of CS Lewis. Every Monday, the radio presenter Ruth Jackson and the theologian Alister McGrath delve into the world and writings of Lewis, answering questions and making connections with life and culture today on the CS Lewis podcast. Even though […]