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Photo of a fresco of Christ in the Church of the Chora, Istanbul

Posted: 26 September 2012

Four new booklets which examine important aspects of the Christian faith are now freely available for download on this website. The booklets, each written by an established expert or author, were first published in the 1980s, but they are now online for the first time, in updated editions.

The booklets are part of a series, Evidence for…, which we started publishing online earlier in 2012. Details of the four earlier titles are available here. The new booklets cover Evidence for Christ, Evidence for the Holy Spirit, Evidence for the Power of Prayer and Evidence for the Virgin Birth. Click the links to view or download each PDF booklet.

In Evidence for Christ, Michael Baughen, former Bishop of Chester, asks how does the evidence for the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Christ look today, after 100 years of critical scrutiny of the New Testament?

In Evidence for the Holy Spirit, William Purcell, Canon Emeritus of Worcester, explores the evidence for the work of the Holy Spirit, as understood in the pages of the Christian Bible.

In Evidence for the Power of Prayer, Pauline Webb, former Vice President of the Methodist Conference, explores the Christian understanding of prayer and asks if it is something that is powerful enough to change the world?

In Evidence for the Virgin Birth, Keith Ward, Former Professor of History and Philosophy of Religion at King’s College London, asks what is the evidence belief in the Virgin Birth in the New Testament, and what meaning and significance does it have for Christians today?

Photo by Simon Jenkins

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