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Posted: 30 October 2018

Our online video of the Drawbridge Lecture, which was delivered in May this year by Marcelo Gleiser, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College, is now available with Portuguese subtitles. The lecture, ‘Unknowns in Heaven and Earth’, focuses on Professor Gleiser’s vision of science as a deeply human endeavour, exploring the unknowns of the universe.

This Portuguese version was put together by Luiz Antônio Melo, an undergraduate physics student at the University of Santa Cruz in Brazil. Marcelo Gleiser himself was born in Rio de Janeiro.

Says Luiz: ‘I’m an enthusiast of science, and I have a deep admiration for professor Marcelo’s work. I think it is very important to spread the knowledge of science, especially in my country.’

The subtitled video is on Luiz’s YouTube channel, Traduzindo ciência (‘Translating science’).

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