Barbara Drossel: Are we here by accident?

In this webinar conversation in the Questions of our Times series, Dr Barbara Drossel, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, gives her personal views on the laws of physics, the apparent fine-tuning of the universe to enable life to flourish, the search for a ‘theory of everything’, and the question, Are we here by accident?

Professor Drossel’s research interests are in the field of complex systems. These include biological systems, such as genetic networks, ecosystems and evolutionary processes, as well as physical systems such as soft materials (gels, polymers), chaos and pattern formation.

She lectures on science-religion to general audiences. She is a member of the editorial board of the German science-faith journal Evangelium and Wissenschaft, edited by the Karl-Heim-Gessellschaft. She is also a Faraday Institute associate, a member of Christians in Science, and a Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion.

See videos of Professor Drossel’s talks (in English) here:

The laws of physics and God’s action
Complex systems, emergence and God

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