Digging into the foundations of faith

Over the past 150 years, Jerusalem has become one of the most excavated and archaeologised (if there is such a word) cities in the world, and with good reason. The city is holy to three of the world’s faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – and is famous not only as the place where Jesus died, […]

History for Atheists podcast launched

Earlier this year, a new podcast was launched by the History for Atheists website, authored by Tim O’Neill, an atheist, sceptic and rationalist. The podcast, also called History for Atheists, supplements O’Neill’s video channel and blog, both of which do an excellent job of examining the misuse of history in frequently-used atheists arguments. O’Neill’s blog […]

2,600 year-old stone marker from biblical-era pharaoh discovered

A farmer digging his land near Ismailia, a city next to the Suez Canal in northeastern Egypt, has recently unearthed a stele (a monumental stone) from the reign of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. The stele, which would stand 2.3 metres tall when raised, and which is 2,600 years old, is thought to record the military […]